Welcome to your portal to writing, publishing, and selling your books in digital format!     Write, publish, and sell books in a new format for e-books.  Create multimedia e-books with the appearance and functions of a full-featured web site.  Write interactive multimedia e-books with graphics, photos, audio and video clips, email functions, links to web sites, contact and feed-back forms, tests and surveys.  Virtually any feature of a major web site can be included in your digital publications.  Fiction and non-fiction e-books with multimedia and interactive  features  offer many advantages that are more appealing to readers than printed publications.  Works of fiction--novels and short stories--that do not include multimedia can also be created as e-books. The new generation of e-books created with DeskTop Author have the look and feel of printed books with easy to view pages that turn like a book.  There's no constant page manipulation with a mouse scrolling and zooming to find a comfortable reading setting for each page as with some digital publications. DeskTop Author e-books can be published to the web for free providing world-wide distribution of your e-book and offering a viable alternative to print publishing. If you have a completed book ready to convert to digital format and publish to the web go to Publish and Sell Your E-book.  Read on if your writing is still in progress.

A new e-book format is perfect for reading fiction and non-fiction on desktop and notebook computers.  Previous e-books met with little success because they required the purchase of a PDA-type reader that was uncomfortable to use with a small screen showing only a few sentences at a time.  E-books of the new generation do not require an expensive handheld reader device; any computer can be used to view two-page spreads like a print book.  Laptop computers, which now outsell desktops, offer the reading public the portability they want for reading.  The new age of writing e-books, publishing them on the web, selling them, and gaining readership and exposure is here now!  If your e-book is successful, writing and publishing an e-book  may well be the only way to make literary agents and print publishers take notice.  If you have a manuscript of fiction or non-fiction completed or nearly finished you can easily convert it to e-book format with DeskTop Author software that's inexpensive and easy to use.  Then go to Publish and Sell Your E-book to learn how to publish your e-book on the web (it's free!), get a network of distributors to sell your e-book, and register with a company to manage downloads, collect payments, and disburse your earnings to you.  If you are just beginning your writing career continue to explore Wilhite Publishing for a wealth of information and resources. First, add this site to your favorites; you may want to return.

With DeskTop Author writers can easily create, publish, and sell in digital format.  Digital book authoring is not as complex and tedious as many web site creation tools; there are no difficult programming codes to learn.  E-book authoring programs are less expensive and easier to use than software for PDF and similar electronic documents. We have researched and tested almost all available products and our recommended software for e-book writing is DeskTop Author.  At less than $150 for the deluxe version it is reasonably priced considering its vast array of features, especially multimedia and web-like interactive functions.  Other e-book writing software in the same price range offers far fewer features.  One product similar to DeskTop Author costs $1500 for the standard version and $2400 for the deluxe!   DeskTop Author is simple to use with most functions a matter of clicking a button to insert text, photos, audio, video and more.  Inserting lengthy blocks of text that automatically flow to multiple pages is possible.  Extensive help and a clear manual are available within the program.  Further, and very importantly, the company that created DeskTop Author provides users with the free service of publishing your DTA e-book on the web.  Finally, you need a distribution network and account management; register as a publisher at eSellerate, a company with which both DTA and Wilhite Publishing are affiliated.   For less than 15% of sales eSellerate manages accounts (collecting payments from buyers and disbursing your earnings to you), handles downloads of your e-book to consumers, and  promotes your e-book to web sites that may be interested in advertising and selling it.  If you have a fiction or non-fiction book ready to convert to digital format and publish to the web download a free trial of DeskTop Author now, then go to Publish and Sell Your E-book.

  06 January 2007

Publishing an e-book offers advantages over print publishing.  It's easier and less expensive to publish and sell e-books compared to print publications. Getting your work placed with a print publisher is virtually impossible.  Literary agents are swamped with clients and have become as closed to open submissions as publishers.  "Vanity presses" pretend to address the difficulties writers have in getting published but they are merely expensive printing and binding services.  Writers buy copies and are burdened with marketing and distributing them locally, essentially a fruitless undertaking.  With DeskTop Author and the services described above getting your writing published and placed before a world-wide audience is easier than ever.  It's more rewarding personally--and financially!  Due to their high investment and major expenses (the editorial process, paper, printing, binding, warehousing, shipping and so forth) print publishers paid authors about 10% royalties.  With such expenses eliminated, digital writers can earn most of the list price of their work!  And, if your e-book is successful it may open that closed door to a print publisher.  If you want to enter the world of writing and publishing in the digital age get your free trial of DeskTop Author and go to Publish and Sell Your E-book.  

What kind of writing is best suited to digital publishing?  Any type and length of writing is suitable for an e-book.  In the area of fiction, novels created in an e-book format such as that of DeskTop Author can be appealing because two full pages can be read on the computer monitor, in contrast to the small screen and limited sentences of a hand-held reader device.  Short fiction is suitable for e-books as primarily text and in addition can be enhanced with many types of  multimedia to make it even more appealing.  Imagine your novella or short story as a multimedia e-book.  Virtually any subject is possible--fantasy, science fiction, historical fiction, children's literature, and others that lend themselves to a "story plus multimedia" format.  Poetry can also be enhanced with multimedia and is very suitable for e-book format.  Think of your poems enhanced with appropriate illustrations and/or photos and even video clips; add audio clips of the poems being read.   Almost all types of non-fiction are ideally suited to e-book format because the addition of multimedia makes them superior in imparting information than print equivalents.  Non-fiction works such as textbooks and instructional materials, manuals and how-to guides, travelogues, history, biography, and more can be enriched by using the multimedia features of DeskTop Author.  Instructional books may include multimedia like audio and video clips and interactive features such as quizzes and tests that are scored within the book with the results e-mailed to the teacher!  The advantages of digital textbooks are obvious.  Travelogues with audio and video clips along with links to web sites for additional information are more appealing and useful than printed books.  Manuals and guides with multimedia are clearer and more informative for users than print how-to books.  History and biography enhanced with multimedia are more exciting than mere text with photos.   If the idea of writing and publishing your fiction, non-fiction, or poetry in e-book format, especially including multimedia, is appealing to you download your free trial of DeskTop Author then go to Publish and Sell Your E-book.   Welcome to the exciting world of digital publishing!

On a less enthusiastic note for some of you:   TV scripts and movie screenplays and song lyrics are not appropriate for digital format.  Although scriptwriters, screenplay writers, and song writers might not use the e-book format, Wilhite Publishing offers useful information and resources for you.  Visit the Writing Academy  course 1 "Writing 101" for information and resources for writing scripts or poetry. Find the writing resources you need such as software, books, and magazines in the Academy section ads and in the WP E-Store.

What else can Wilhite Publishing do for me?  All writers should visit the Writing Academy (see the navigation bar at the top and bottom of each page) for general writing information, resources, tips and techniques as well as items on multimedia for writing and publishing e-books.  Also included are useful resources such as writing software, books, and, magazines.  The "classes" (no tuition and no exams!) include:

Writing Academy 100-level Departments  (for all writers)

  •     101 - Writing and publishing in general; introduction to writing and publishing e-books
  •     102 - Introduction to fiction; applying multimedia to novellas and short stories
  •     103 - Introduction to scripts
  •     104 - Introduction to poetry and lyrics; creative writing with poetry and multimedia
  •     105 - Non-fiction:  Applying multimedia to a wide range of non-fiction e-books--academic textbooks and booklets, travelogues, how-to manuals, children's instructional books, and more

Writing Academy 201 Digital Lab I:  E-reader formats and samples

Writing Academy 301 Digital Lab II:  Guide to e-book authoring software with an emphasis on DeskTop Author, WP's recommended format for e-books, along with other digital writing tools and related resources

Writing Academy 401 Author Workshop I:  How to research, organize, and write the text for your e-book

Writing Academy 501-Graduate-Author Workshop II--Add Media to Your E-book :  Information and software along with other resources for working with multimedia to enhance your e-book and make it come alive with graphics, photos, audio clips, video clips, links to web sites, e-mail functionality, self-correcting tests, and more

Writing Academy 601 Publish and Sell Your E-BookHow to publish your e-book on the web and sell it; get a network of web sites to advertise and sell your e-book; register to have a company manage downloads and accounts for you

Contact:  Publisher@wilhitepublishing.com  if you have an e-book you would like us to consider advertising, for general inquiries, reciprocal link proposals, suggestions for improving this site, advertising, and related topics.

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